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You have your chance every weekday morning on the Morning Kix Start with Jonathan Knight and Melia Jeanne. for the Brain Buster question brought to you by HY-VEE Drug Store in Marshalltown. If no one gets it right during the time limit, the money carries over to the next day and so on until someone wins the Jackpot!! A- Computer viruses Wednesday 3/30/16 Q- 24% of men have a favorite one of these. A- Pair of underwear Tuesday 3/29/16 Q- 70% of people say they would not marry someone who had this. A- Yellow or discolored teeth Monday 3/28/16 Q- Nearly 50% of men can’t do this. A- Sew on a button Friday 3/25/16 Q- 21% of people will argue about this this holiday weekend. A- Stolen Easter Eggs Thursday 3/24/16 Q- 66% of people do not think that their partner is not good at this. A- Driving Wednesday 3/23/16 Q- Just over a third of people do not like it when their co-workers do this. A- Take off their shoes Tuesday 3/22/16 Q- 34% of people have done this to avoid washing this article of clothing. A- Sprayed cologne or perfume in their underpants Monday 3/21/16 Q- People with gray bedroom walls are most likely to do this. A- Online shop in bed Friday 3/18/16 Q- 46% of women have done this while getting ready to go out. A- Stood on the toilet to look at their butt Thursday 3/17/16 Q- The average woman will do this over 400 times in her life.